The Business Against Domestic Violence Project, launched by Sabancı University Corporate Governance Forum, will be carried out in Antalya with the support of Businesswomen association of antalya (ANTİKAD) and Western Mediterranean Industrial and Business Federation (BAKSİFED) The meeting of the project was held on 27 April 2017 Thursday at Antalya Culture and Art Center.

The opening speech of the meeting held by the President of the Western Mediterranean Industrialists and Business Federation, Ali Eroglu, "As in the whole world, violence against women in our country is a problem. It is important how we will manage this problem. We know that our women are exposed to this kind of issues.We consider this issue as a business world in two aspects: the first dimension is a corporate social responsibility framework and the second one is the efficiency of our companies.As a result the happiness and efficiency of our employees in the work places directly affect the efficiency of the work.Therefore violamce against women should be managable by us in workplaces. Sabancı University Corporate Governance Forum Director Melsa Ararat and Sabancı Foundation General Manager Zerrin Koyunsağan made also speeches. Sevda Alkan from Corporate Governance Forum gave information about project. Melsa Ararat stated that Women's systematic repression and violence against women have become more visible as they participate in working life, it has ceased to be a matter of private life and it has become a social issue. Companies have the potential to play an important role in solving this problem as well as all social problems with their pragmatic approaches, organizing competencies and capacities. While not only enhancing the efficiency and work performance of the women employees, but also the health and dignity of the women employees, they contribute to the peace and dignity of the society in which they operate, contribute to the peace of work and contribute to the economic and social well-being of our country. We find it very valuable that business organizations such as TÜRKONFED and TÜSİAD take on social problems and mobilize member companies to participate in the Business Against Domestic Violence project. In addition to these top organizations, we are also pleased to see that a business women's organization is embracing the project in every province.

Underlining that domestic violence is always a problem at the top of the agenda, Sabancı Foundation General Manager Zerrin Koyunsağan said It should be stopped seeing this problem as a problem of a certain segment; we must be aware that violence is an obstacle for women from all levels of income to exist on equal terms in social life and in business. Prevention of violence begins when society recognizes and acknowledges the existence of such a problem. In addition to public and civil society, it is very important for the private sector to develop cooperation and policies against domestic violence. For these reasons, as the Sabancı Foundation, we support the Business Against Domestic Violence Project. We are proud of the fact that the project is growing rapidly and being implemented in other provinces. We attach great importance to the fact that the business world is taking action against domestic violence in Antalya.

After the speeches, the panel titled Business Practices Against Domestic Violence under the direction of Meltem Ağduk, Gender Studies Coordinator of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) was held. The panel; Aygaz Corporate Communications Manager Rişe Ozkan, Sabanci University Center for Individual and Academic Development Director Arzu Bolgul, Havas Management Systems Manager Basak Helen Taskan and Havas Antalya Station Manager Meltem Ağduk stated in his speech: men The discrimination that emerged as a result of the dominance of the male-dominated system is manifested in the business world. Prejudices against women prevent them from entering business life, from participating in decisions, from progressing and rising. In this process, one of the most serious obstacles to women is discrimination and violence. Discrimination and violence deeply affect the working life of women. It is therefore necessary to underline that the private sector plays a vital role in combating discrimination and violence against women. The United Nations Population Fund, acting with the awareness that development cannot be achieved without women, provides support to the private sector in the prevention of discrimination and violence against women as in all areas. Rise Ozkan, Corporate Communications Manager of Aygaz, said: Müdür We think that women who make up half of the population do not have a social development unless they have equal rights, freedoms and opportunities with men. The biggest obstacle to gender equality is violence against women. Because it is not possible for a woman to realize her potential in an environment where she does not feel safe. In order to contribute to the overcoming of this inequality in society, Aygaz has started from our workplace. On the one hand, all of our employees raise awareness on this issue, on the other hand, we operate support mechanisms that allow women who are violent to recognize this situation and take necessary steps. It is very important for the business world to address this issue. We believe that our joint efforts will yield results. Sabancı University Center for Individual and Academic Development Director Arzu Bolgül stated that it is not enough to prepare a policy document for Sabancı University and that they have prepared a directive for this policy document. Arzu Bolgül added that his policies and practices also included students. In order to increase the multiplier effect, they also wanted subcontractors to form a policy. Bolgül stated that this policy has been working for other universities to become widespread. Havaş Management Systems Manager Başak Helen Taşkan said that they started an awareness study within the company. Taşkan stated that they are trying to ensure that all employees are able to perceive the concept of gender equality in the same way by reaching out to all the employees through brief trainings, posters and brochures. Havaş Antalya Station Manager Aylin Tavan stated that As I entered the project, I realized that my struggle as a success story was actually a story of violence. As long as there is equality of opportunity, the stories of struggle and violence will decrease.