BADV project introduced in Aegean Free Zone. Representatives of the companies of Free Zone has attended to the meeting. The deadline for participation in the project was announced as 15 May 2018.

In her opening speech, ESBAŞ Corporate Communication Manager Halime Büyükyüksel expressed his happiness to take part in the project. Büyükyüksel added that they believe that they will be a pioneer and an example among other free zones with this project. Sabancı University Corporate Governance Forum Director Melsa Ararat said that their activities touched the social problems while benefiting the companies. She pointed out that women and men started to work in equal proportions at the beginning of the job but the number of women decreased when going upwards. Melsa Ararat underlined that only 14 percent of the big companies are women in the board of directors. “The decisions taken by these companies affect the whole society. These decisions also affect women and children. ” She pointed out that educated women were subjected to violence by the men in close relationship so this cause women to not go upwards during their career. UNFPA Gender Programs Coordinator Meltem Ağduk started her speech by saying that they have been carrying out many projects on violence against women for the last 15 years. Meltem Ağduk said that the participants of the training started to look at the issue within the framework of gender equality by stripping from the issue of domestic violence. Meltem Ağduk added that they want to expand the project in the countries where UNFPA operates. Esra Erbaş, Human Resources Manager of İnci Holding, gave information about İnci Holding's involvement in the project and their activities. Esra Erbaş stated that half of the board of directors of İnci Holding is made up of women. She also underlined that İnci Holding is the signatory of WEPs (Women Empowerment Platform).