The Project aims to implement policies and mechanisms to prevent and reduce violence against women in all over Turkey. The Project also aims to ensure that companies take gender equality as a business performance and economic–social development issue in ensuring sustainable employment.

Recent Events
“Business Against Domestic Violence Project Impact Research Results” within the scope of Business Against Domestic Violence Project which is launched by the cooperation of the Corporate Governance Forum of Turkey and TÜSİAD and by the support of UNFPA and Sabanci Foundation to enable company…

The first module of Trainings of Trainers on 'Gender Equality', which was initiated to enable employees to take action against the violence they are exposed to in close relationship within the scope of Business Against Domestic Violence project, was held on 22-23 May at Sabancı Center.

Within the framework of BADV Project "Union of BADV Companies Workshop" was held at Minerva Palace on March 15, 2019 with the financial support of British Embassy.