As the “Business Against Domestic Violence” (BADV) project, carried out with the support of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and Sabancı Foundation, in cooperation with TÜSİAD and with the implementing partnership of the Sabancı University Corporate Governance Forum, “Business Against Domestic Violence Network is established with the aim of increasing the communication, inspiration and knowledge sharing of nearly 100 companies involved in the project previous periods and growing stronger with new companies. The Network launched on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, at Sabancı Center in Istanbul.

8 November 2022

ISTANBUL, TURKEY - 3 out of 4 working women in Türkiye face at least one type of violence in their lifetime. The “Business Against Domestic Violence - (BADV)” project was launched in 2013 to encourage and support the business world to produce constructive and institutional solutions to combat domestic violence with the support of  Sabancı Foundation and United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), with the cooperation of TÜSİAD, and with implementing partnership of Sabancı University Corporate Governance Forum. The project is now growing stronger with a new formation as it approaches its 10th anniversary.

The “Business Against Domestic Violence Network" was established with the aim of increasing the communication established by nearly 100 companies involved in the project at different times, the inspiration they received from each other, the sharing of their experiences and knowledge in the process, the dissemination of good practices, and growing stronger with new companies. The launch of the Network was held on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, in Istanbul with prominent representatives of the public, private sector, civil society, academia, and international organizations.

Prof. Dr. Fuat Keyman, Vice Rector for Institutionalization and Social Contribution Processes of Sabancı University, the implementing partner of the project, stated in his speech that Sabancı University sees gender inequality as an important obstacle to the development of societies, and the fight against domestic violence, which is one of the important factors that feeds social violence, creates different responsibilities not only for individuals, but also for institutions and all administrative structures. In this context, he thanked all institutions that participated in the Business Against Domestic Violence Project and the institutions that expressed their intent to share their experiences by participating in the BADV Network. Keyman also noted, “We invite companies and institutions that are not yet included in the Network to work to prevent domestic violence, which is a common problem of our society, and to heal the wounds on this issue.”

Orhan Turan, the President of TÜSİAD, the partner of the project, underlined that the desired progress in gender equality cannot be achieved without tackling violence against women and emphasized that concrete and permanent solutions can only be reached as long as we mobilize institutional transformation for gender equality starting from the workplace.. “We must purify  every area and platform within our sphere of influence from prejudices and practices that will pave the way for gender-based discrimination and violence.” Turan continued “Every individual who has been subjected to violence should know that she is not alone in dealing with this, and she can reach support mechanisms” and added; "We must be able to implement the necessary practices and sanctions with a "zero tolerance to violence" approach in every condition we are in.”

Nevgül Bilsel Safkan, General Manager of the Sabancı Foundation, one of the supporters of the project, stated that the Sabancı Foundation has been working for nearly half a century with the dream of a society where all individuals enjoy equal rights and said that they have signed cooperations in different sectors so that women can access their rights in every field like in education, employment and participation in social life. Safkan said, “The 'Business World Against Domestic Violence' project, which we are proud to support, has also taken many concrete steps over the years. I believe that the “Business Against Domestic Violence Network”, which is the reason why we came together today, is a very valuable initiative that will have an impact on the entire business world, and will raise important awareness in our country, on the way we started to adopt a working culture against domestic violence against women. “We invite all companies that want to transform, starting with our own working environment, to be a part of this valuable network,” she said.

Gabriela Alvarez Minte, Regional Gender Advisor of United Nations Population Fund, on behalf of the UNFPA's Regional Director for Eastern Europe and Central Asia; another supporter of the project underlined that they are happy to work in close cooperation with the business world in the field of combating domestic violence in Türkiye from the very beginning, as one of UNFPA's leading agencies working to respond and reduce gender-based violence in more than 150 countries. Minte; stated that she believes that the Business Against Domestic Violence Network will further develop the vision and responsibility of the private sector in terms of building supportive mechanisms against domestic violence in workplaces and promoting good practices. UNFPA Representative said “Join us to strengthen our voice and capacity to fight domestic violence and promote gender equality.”

With the Network, it is aimed to create prevention and support mechanisms against domestic violence by using the managerial and organizational skills of the business world, as well as to support gender equality, to raise awareness about women's rights in the business world, to increase the interaction and experience sharing of companies struggling in this field, and to disseminate good practice examples in companies.

In this context, at the launch of the Network, which emphasized that companies can make a difference in both business and private lives of their employees with a zero-tolerance policy to violence, all companies were called upon to join the "Business Against Domestic Violence Network" for a more effective and comprehensive fight against domestic violence and gender equality, considering the fight against domestic violence as a responsibility towards their employees and society.

A video consisting of the messages of the general managers of Türkiye's leading companies that participated in the project at different times, about their fight against domestic violence, was also shown at the event. The launch event ended with a certificate ceremony.

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