BADV Project whşch implemented by Sabancı University Corporate Governance Forum carried out with the support of UNFPA and Sabancı Foundation and in collaboration with TÜSİAD, will be implemented in collaboration with Gaziantep Commodity Exchange (GTB).

Sevda Alkan, Director of the Business Against Domestic Violence project and UNFPA Gender Program Coordinator Meltem Ağduk, who visited GTB, met with Chairman Mehmet Akıncı and Secretary General Özgür Bayram and gave information about the operation of the project. Alkan said that the main objective of the project is to create support mechanisms in the workplace against the violence experienced by women working in the business world and that they can spread the practices that will minimize the domestic violence by using the managerial capabilities of the companies. Domestic violence, observed frequently workplaces and in terms of impact and operation of striking an issue that affects every aspect of life Alkan, said: "Between 2016-2018 years in Turkey, including 51 company project to combat domestic violence have adopted a formal corporate policy Instead of giving personal advice to women who are exposed to violence, employees and managers should act in the direction of the official policies and directives established by the company in this regard. We aim to contribute official company policies by giving free trainings to HR and Communication departmants' employees of companies. In 2016; 17 companies joined to this project, in 2017 we expand it to İzmir, Antalya and Bursa. This year, with the cooperation and support of GTB, we are planning to continue training activities to increase social awareness in Gaziantep as the industrial city.

Meltem Ağduk made a statement about the results of the research report titled "The Impact of Violence in Close Relationships on White Collar Employees and Businesses" with the participation of 715 employees from 20 companies within the scope of the project. Ağduk stated that 75 percent of white-collar women, most of them university graduates, have been subjected to at least one type of domestic violence in the past, 16 percent of women who have been subjected to violence cannot finish their relationship for economic reasons, and 36 percent of men have at least one He said that he accepted that he was involved in a form of violence. Mehmet Akıncı, Chairman of GTB, stated that they are happy to take part in an international project for the benefit of society and especially women in business life, and that the struggle against domestic violence should be transformed into a corporate structure in the business world and spread to all areas of the society. Akıncı stated that the stock exchanges have been carrying out pioneering activities towards the development of the members of the agricultural sector for 61 years and that they are always striving to fulfill their social responsibilities against the city in which they exist. We will try to contribute to such a special project in Gaziantep for our women who constitute the cornerstone of our society.